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Bringing Your Outdoor Vision to Life with Expert Garden Design

Whether starting from scratch or re-designing a specific area, I will create a unique design for you that harmonizes with your lifestyle, space, and the environment. I blend traditional horticultural wisdom and innovative techniques to enhance your garden with biodiversity in mind.
Leveraging my expertise, I guide you toward the best approach for your garden, customizing my design service to bring your dream garden to life.

Here are some key considerations to ask yourself as you approach your garden project design

  • What activities do you envision for your garden?

  • How do you want your garden to evoke feelings?

  • What's your vision for its aesthetic?

  • Is there a specific theme you have in mind?

  • How hands-on do you want to be in maintaining your garden

  • Are you starting from scratch or planning a phased re-design?

To explore how I can tailor the design process to meet your needs, reach out today and start exploring the possibilities.


Let's create the garden you've always dreamed of.

Butterfly on Lavender
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