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Piet Oudolf Inspired Planting Design

In this Oudolf inspired plant design project, I'm blending sustainability whilst working towards a garden that not only looks stunning but also resonates with the natural ebb and flow.

Creating drifts of planting with grasses and long flowering perennials, so garden beds maintain their allure even in the depths of winter.

My emphasis isn't solely on blooms; I'm choosing plants based on their shapes and textures, aiming for a design that remains visually captivating throughout the year.

I advocate for embracing the natural process of decay, the stripped bare stalks, stems, and seed pods can become integral architectural elements, adding a distinctive touch to the garden's character. Resist the impulse to cut down and clear at the first hint of decline.

Contact me on your project to create a garden that not only thrives sustainably but also celebrates the beauty of every stage in the plant lifecycle!


Book a one-hour video call with Lu to discuss your garden design challenges.

Get help to create a garden brimming with biodiversity. I can assist with potential layouts, address planting, provide rough sketches, and share expert tips to save you time and money.

Every garden is special with its own tiny ecosystem and weather conditions. By choosing the right plants, mixing up different species, and adding elements that attract wildlife, any green space can become an eco-friendly hotspot.

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