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The Difference You’re Looking For With Minimal Structural Change

Do you find yourself in need of scheduled tidy-ups, a complete garden restyle, or assistance with planting and styling challenges? If your garden borders are becoming too cramped and full, worry not.

I specialize in resolving these issues by carefully transplanting and repositioning your plants, ensuring they find their perfect place in the garden's makeover and revamp. 

Weeding is an art, and I ve mastered techniques that tackle the most persistent of weeds. Distinguishing between herbaceous perennials and prevalent weeds, ensuring that your garden remains naturally manageable.

Revitalize Plants with Regenerative Pruning Schedules

When it comes to rejuvenating your garden shrubs, pruning is the most effective solution, sparing you the need to replace them. Experienced hands know how to re-invigorate your shrubs, encouraging strong, healthy shoots, and enhancing flowering.
With expertise, I know exactly which shrubs need pruning and when. More importantly, understanding the "how" of pruning, a critical factor in boosting your shrubs' seasonal interest.

For your convenience, we offer routine bespoke schedules through a bespoke service, tailored to meet your gardens specific requirements.

Image by Richard Loader
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