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Putting the Right Plants in the
Right Places

Utilizing my plant design knowledge to create a wealth of colours, shapes and forms in your garden.

Whether you're looking for a garden bursting with seasonal colours or adding low-maintenance natural swathes of plantings in your garden, planting plans are designed to meet your preferences.

With a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of plant compatibility, I transform borders and problem areas in your garden, into a thriving balanced ecosystem.

My approach focuses on blending aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that every plant serves a purpose in your outdoor space.

Explore a diverse range of pollinator friendly plants that add vibrancy and purpose to your garden, turning it into a thriving ecosystem for you to enjoy.

Also specializing in horticultural services such as: shrub and border management, expert pruning, and impeccable planting, all conducted to exacting high standards. Even tired and underwhelming spaces can be revitalized with a restyle and makeover

As well as a knack for transforming spaces with the artful use of pots, planters, and window boxes.

As a devoted plants person and horticulturalist, I'm driven by an unwavering passion for garden environments. I'm here to offer you more than just services; I provide advice and guidance to help you craft the garden of your dreams, tailored to your unique vision.

Combining planting plans with garden transformations through restyling and makeovers, and innovative regenerative pruning methods to rejuvenate your outdoor space. 

Your trusted source for expertly curated planting schemes and design plans.

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