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Bringing Nature's Beauty to Your Doorstep

Changing colours throughout the year with wildflowers allowing for the creation of stunning wildflower meadows in your garden. The flowers in the turf are carefully chosen to produce flowering plants from early in the spring through to the middle of the autumn.

Wildflowers add swathes of colour, movement and biodiversity with months of interest to heighten your garden or landscape project. 

Wildflowers are drought tolerant and require low nutrients, wildflowers will flourish on the most uninhabitable land, whilst also having a hugely beneficial impact on the environment by its naturalizing aesthetic qualities and ecological benefits.

Wildflower meadows can be installed as a border or into your existing lawn,  they can enhance a large area featuring a woodland edge or an open wasteland area. Wildflowers can replace a border or a disused paving space in your urban garden or feature in your driveway or entrance setting.​

Spring and Autumn Bulbs can be planted underneath the turf when installed for prolonging displays of colour and interest to further extend the flowering season.​ Bees, birds, butterflies and all manner of insects will delight in your wildflower display!

What are the practicalities and what does it involve?

A wildflower meadow only requires one mow a year in Autumn, max 2.​

Meadows naturally act as weed prevention, and it's tough for even the persistence of weeds to take over.

Wildflower turf is an instant low-maintenance wildflower area and is a superb addition for a very low maintenance creative solution for spring, summer, into autumn interests.

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