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Belfast City Urban Oasis

Indigenous wildflower turf, sourced locally, boasts a vibrant array of flowers that come together to form a picturesque meadow that contributes to the biodiversity of this clients garden in Belfast. With its low-maintenance and cost-effective qualities, this wildflower meadow delivers an impressive and immediate visual impact. The diverse mix of species, such as foxglove, meadow buttercup, wild carrot, and yellow rattle, not only creates a visually appealing landscape but also actively suppresses weeds, flourishing from early spring to mid-autumn.


Book a one-hour video call with Lu to discuss your garden design challenges.

Get help to create a garden brimming with biodiversity. I can assist with potential layouts, address planting, provide rough sketches, and share expert tips to save you time and money.

Every garden is special with its own tiny ecosystem and weather conditions. By choosing the right plants, mixing up different species, and adding elements that attract wildlife, any green space can become an eco-friendly hotspot.

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